A Response to ‘Far From The Tree’ – Does a preacher lose his son when his son loses his faith?

Photo Credit: www.campolofilm.com

“I do not come to bring peace, but a sword. I will set a man against his father”.

What chokes me up the most about religion is that it divides. Not just humans historically, geographically and tribally but divides humans I know right now, in our closest relationships, in our families. The words of Jesus have been prophetic – religion has set fathers and sons, mothers and daughters against one another. And if not against, certainly into an awkward estrangement. As a former Presbyterian Ministry candidate in the religious heartland of Northern Ireland I witnessed my fair share.

“We are all in the same boat on a stormy sea and we owe each other an awful loyalty”.

You will notice that even my latent Northern Irish Evangelicalism chooses a quote that is a little on the ‘doom’ side of things. Bart’s American enthusiasm would put that far better. Like his dad, he’d make that more into a party than an obligation. I think at one point he said, “love life, love people, do good”. If he didn’t, I’ll give him that.

ex Theologian | Writer | Songwriter | Northern Irish | (h)uman(ist) | Startups | on the shores of Belfast Lough.

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